Our Fair Usage Policy for Services:

Please be aware that our experts' notes are not intended to be submitted as final projects. They are strictly intended for research and study purposes only. We do not support or encourage any form of plagiarism or cheating. Our services focus on exam preparation through past papers and topic-specific lectures. However, please note that we are unable to provide direct assistance or support during the exam itself.

Terms & Conditions

Our aim is to offer students exceptional academic assistance to help them excel. We hold our customers in high regard and have established a code of conduct to ensure the best possible service. Please familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions:

  • The customer is responsible for granting us access to the necessary login code, which may be provided via text message, the duo push app, or email forwarder. If access is not feasible, we cannot be held liable for any errors resulting from the lack of login code access to the book.
  • Prior approval from the consultant is required before submitting work with a short deadline. The assigned expert needs time to review the details upon receiving the order.
  • The company is not responsible for any physical or submissions required by academic institutions, including in-person appearances, video, audio, or photo submissions.
  • The company will not be held liable if the customer misses an exam after using our learning notes, fails to use the appropriate equipment, has insufficient internet speed (at least 50Mbps), fails to provide necessary information to the institution (e.g., login credentials, course materials), or fails to submit any work or documents to the institute.
  • Any technical issues, including phone, electronic, hardware or software, network, internet, email, or computer problems of any kind occurring before or during the exam, are not the company's responsibility. We solely focus on exam preparation.
  • Even while traveling, the customer must stay in touch with the customer support team for updates and to follow up on progress.
  • Orders placed on Friday or over the weekend will not be completed before Monday, unless the consultant confirms that an urgent deadline will be met.
  • If a textbook is necessary to complete the course, the customer must arrange for a softcopy or electronic copy and share it with us. If the book is available online, we can purchase it on the client's behalf, subject to applicable fees. If the book is only available in print, the customer will be required to share specific page images upon the expert's request. The company will not be held responsible if assignment notes are not up to the mark due to the unavailability of the required textbook.
  • There will be fees involved. Additionally, if the book is only available in print, the customer will be required to share images of the specific pages when the expert requests them. The company will not be held liable if an assignment notes are not up to the mark because the required textbook is unavailable.
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